Every Senior Needs A Reassuring Place To Call Home

Family members often agonize over the decision to place a beloved parent or grandparent in a skilled nursing facility. A move like this may come to pass after a serious illness or when an accident has occurred. While no one wants to see another adult lose their independence, the chances of falling and breaking a hip while carrying on numerous daily tasks can be quite great.

To meet the needs of seniors that need varying degrees of assistance with such things as bathing, dressing and medical supervision, the concept of the assisted living home was developed. An sub acute rehabilitation NJ families can rely on makes sure that every individual is able to design their own future. New friends are made, while older friends and relatives are encouraged to visit whenever they are in the neighborhood.

One of the many aspects of joining an assisted living NJ residents are proud of is the concept of hotel living. The pressures of shopping in a supermarket and having to cook one’s own meals are eliminated. Seniors are treated to three chef-prepared meals in a dining room, in addition to daily afternoon snacks. At an age when good eating habits can literally mean a healthier life, it is far easier to gain an appetite when sitting with other diners than it is trying to eat a meal all alone.


Seniors who reside in assisted living facilities are able to enjoy a wide assortment of activities. These include classes where residents learn new skills like painting or arts and crafts. It could also mean spending time playing cards, mah-jong or trying to win a fast-paced game of bingo. Movies, music and day trips are also planned on a regular basis. Unlike the lonely existence of too many older people, when living in an assisted living NJ seniors always have chances to socialize with others their own age.

One such assisted living residence named Chestnut Hill CC is located in Passaic, New Jersey. Many people begin the process of talking to their loved one by making an appointment to first take a tour of the many accommodations this residence offers. At that time, a member of their staff will be able to explain the benefits and financial requirements that come with this living arrangement.

For those families and seniors on a tight budget, they will be glad to learn how veterans and those people eligible for Medicaid waivers may be able to have their monthly costs lowered considerably. For more information, visit their website located online at chestnuthillcc.net.


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